• Jess

The Elusive Planner Peace

My Hobonichi weeks. You can see the video associated with this on my Youtube channel.

If you're familiar with the planning community then you've heard the phrase "planner peace". It refers to the tendency of people who are planner nerds to often switch between different types of planners looking for the perfect fit for their life.

I should start by saying that not all those who are planner nerds suffer from this lack of commitment. There are those who have found their peace. I am envious.

For those like me, it feels like there will always be something better out there. Perhaps its a fear of missing out or not being able to be part of the new trend of decorating. I'm not sure where I fall. However, I do know that the decorating is almost more important to me than the functionality of the planner. So, in some ways the trends directly affect my feeling of peace. Since many of the items available for planning are lovingly hand made by individuals it means that you're at the mercy of supply and demand.

I will keep looking and until then play happily with those planners I have.

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