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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Marissa's Shower.

Marissa Wedding Shower 021-21

Marissa Wedding Shower 001-1

Marissa Wedding Shower 002-2

Marissa Wedding Shower 007-7

Marissa Wedding Shower 009-9

Marissa Wedding Shower 012-12

Marissa Wedding Shower 015-15

Marissa Wedding Shower 050-50

Marissa Wedding Shower 056-56

Marissa Wedding Shower 043-43

Marissa Wedding Shower 071-71

Marissa Wedding Shower 072-72

Marissa Wedding Shower 057-57

Marissa Wedding Shower 074-74

Marissa Wedding Shower 064-64

Marissa Wedding Shower 088-88

Marissa Wedding Shower 101-101

Marissa Wedding Shower 105-105

Marissa Wedding Shower 106-106

Marissa Wedding Shower 157-157

Marissa Wedding Shower 153-153

Marissa Wedding Shower 117-117

Marissa Wedding Shower 169-169

Marissa Wedding Shower 130-130

Marissa Wedding Shower 114-114

Marissa Wedding Shower 152-152

Marissa Wedding Shower 163-163

Friday, January 8, 2010

happy wedding day!

today my baby brother is getting married to one faboush lady.

Marissas 21st Dunken  Party 162

i'm so happy for the two of them.

& i get another sister!

they asked me to make them some cupcakes for the wedding day & i hope they enjoy them.

Wedding Cupcakes for Michael 063-32

Wedding Cupcakes for Michael 022-8

Wedding Cupcakes for Michael 020-6

Wedding Cupcakes for Michael 062-31

{I've tasted about five of them (for safety reasons, duhs)}

happy wedding day brother. i'm so happy you found happiness.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cupcake a la Mode = True Love

At the black tie event the other evenin' for work, I discovered a new cupcakery in the Kansas City area and I was stoked! Because, well, we all know how this girl loves her cupcakes. At the event, I noshed on a lemon cupcake & a red velvet cupcake. Both cupcakes were amazing and so tasty!

After an epic shitastic day at work yesterday, I decided that I wanted cupcakes. Given the mood I was in, I knew if I baked them I'd eat all of them. I figured that checking out what Cupcake A La Mode had to offer was a much better idea then emotionally eating my way through a dozen cupcakes. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that they are within blocks of my office building. I resisted the urge to go back for a second visit today, so I think thats a good sign. When I told Brad how close they were to my work he goes, ''Damn, there goes the budget.'' Haha. Funny. But probably true.

I ventured over after work last night around 5pm and then pickin's were slim. I figured I'd be brave & try some new cupcakes since they didn't have my go to flavors: Lemon or Red Velvet.

Cupcake A la Mode

I picked up PB & J (for B-rad), Smores (for the sistah), and Vanilla Creme de Cocoa for moi.

Yay Cupcakes

Since the sistah was having a shitastic day as well (being the wonderful sister I am), I stopped by and surprised her with a cupcake.

Marissa Smores Cupcake

Her Smores cupcake is described as ''Marshmallow Fondue- Chocolate cupcake topped with a layer of smooth, semisweet chocolate, a swirl of marshmallow creme icing, a sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs and a gourmet chocolate covered graham cracker on top."

Our Verdict: It was GOOD! But lawsie, it was sweet sweet sweet. I probably wouldn't be able to handle a whole cupcake on my own but the bite I had was good for me. The sistah ate hers with a big glass of milk and declared it ''delicious''. Then she eyeballed our other cupcakes before I swatted her away.

After dinner last night, I decided to give my Vanilla Creme de Cocoa a try. I'm not usually a chocolate girl, I can only handle it in small doses. However, yesterday was just one of *those* days where this girl needed some chocolate. The website describes the cupcake as "Chocolate cupcake topped with our signature french vanilla buttercream icing. This cupcake usually has colored sugar crystals sprinkled on it but may be seasonally decorated as well!"

My Verdict: It was awesome! As I mentioned, I'm not a chocolate girl & I loved this cupcake. The chocolate was light and just perfectly sweet. The vanilla buttercream was perfect and I loved it.

We haven't tried the PB & J cupcake yet because Brad hasn't cut into it. Since it *technically* is his cupcake, I won't attack it. Yet. But if its there, uneaten, tomorrow? Well, I can't make any promises.

I definetely suggest checking out Cupcake A La Mode if you are in the Kansas City area. It is the!

Cupcake A La Mode
West Plaza
1209 West 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112
816 960 1900



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